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職稱: 教授兼副系主任                                              English Version


美國康乃爾大學博士 (2006)
美國康乃爾大學碩士 (2001)
國立中山大學學士 (1998)

辦公室位置: 化學館B14
辦公室分機: 33345


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博士後研究:美國康乃爾大學 (2006~2007)



1) Biological molecules in nano-scale space of nanomaterials。
2) Dynamic structures of water clusters and confined water。
3) Biophysics of Apoptosis。
4) Quantum statistical mechanics for ESR spectroscopy。


A. Biophysics/Chemical Biology/Apoptosis research

A1.   TC Sung, CY Li, YC Lai, CL Hung, O Shih, YQYeh, US Jeng, and YW Chiang*, Solution Structure of Apoptotic BAX Oligomer: Oligomerization Likely Precedes Membrane Insertion, STRUCTURE, 23 (2015) 1878-1888.

A2.   CH Chan, CJ Tsai, and YW Chiang*, Side-chain Packing Interactions Stabilize an Intermediate of BAX Protein Against Chemical and Thermal Denaturation, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 119 (2015) 54-64.

A3.   CJ Tsai, S Liu, CL Hung, SR Jhong, TC Sung, and YW Chiang*, BAX-induced Apoptosis Can Be Initiated Through A Conformational Selection Mechanism, STRUCTURE, 23 (2015) 139-148. (selected as a featured article)

B. Physical Chemistry/Nanochannels/Water Dynamics

B1.   C Yang, WL Lo, YH Kuo, J C Sang, CY Lee, YW Chiang*, and Rita PY Chen*, Revealing structural changes of prion protein during conversion from α-helical monomer to β-oligomers by means of ESR and nanochannel encapsulation, ACS Chemical Biology, 10 (2015) 493-501.

B2.   YH Kuo, YR. Tseng, and YW Chiang*, Concurrent Observation of Bulk and Protein Hydration Water by Spin-Label ESR under Nanoconfinement, Langmuir, 29 (2013) 13865-13872.

B3.   YC Lai, YF Chen, and YW Chiang*, ESR Study of Interfacial Hydration Layers of Polypeptides in Water-Filled Nanochannels and in Vitrified Bulk Solvents, PLoS ONE, 8 (2013) e68264-13.

B4.   CJ Tsai, and YW Chiang*, Effects of Anisotropic Nanoconfinement on Rotational Dynamics of Biomolecules: An Electron Spin Resonance Study, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116 (2012) 19798-19806.

B5.   YW Huang, and YW Chiang*, Spin-label ESR with Nanochannels to Improve the Study of Backbone Dynamics and Structural Conformations of Polypeptides, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13 (2011) 17521-17531.

B6.   YW Huang, YC Lai, CJ Tsai, and YW Chiang*, Mesopores Provide an Amorphous State Suitable for Studying Biomolecular Structure at Cryogenic Temperatures, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 108 (2011) 14145-14150.

B7.   TC Sung, and YW Chiang*, Identification of Complex Dynamic Modes on Prion Protein Peptides Using Multifrequency ESR with Mesoporous Materials, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12 (2010) 13117-13125.

C. ESR Analysis/Theory

C1.   YW Chiang, AJ Costa-Filho, B Baird, and JH Freed*, 2D-ELDOR Study of Heterogeneity and Domain Structure Changes in Plasma Membrane Vesicles Upon Crosslinking of IgE Receptors, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 115 (2011) 10462-10469.

C2.   YW Chiang*, JH Freed*, A New Lanczos-Based Algorithm for Simulating High-Frequency Two-dimensional ESR Spectra, (2010) Journal of Chemical Physics, 134 (2011) 034112-10.

C3.   YW Chiang*, TY Zheng, CJ Kao, JC Horng, Determination of Interspin Distance Distributions by CW-ESR Is A Single Linear Inverse Problem, Biophysical Journal, 97 (2009) 930-936.

C4.   YW Chiang, PP Borbat, JH Freed*, The Determination of Pair Distance Distributions by Pulsed ESR Using Tikhonov Regularization, Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 172 (2005) 279-295.

D. Inorganic/Materials

D1.   WC Shih, TT Lu, LB Yang, FT Tsai, MH Chiang, JF Lee, YW Chiang, WF Liaw*, New members of a class of dinitrosyliron complexes (DNICs): The characteristic EPR signal of the six-coordinate and five-coordinate {Fe(NO)2}9 DNICs, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 113 (2012) 83-93.

D2.  QB Nguyen, CL Chen, YW Chiang, and KH Lii*, Cs3UGe7O18: A Pentavalent Uranium Germanate Containing Four- and Six-Coordinate Germanium, Inorganic Chemistry, 51 (2012) 3879-3882.

D3.   HL Huang, YC Lai, YW Chiang, and SL Wang* Intrinsic Optical Properties and Divergent Doping Effects of Manganese(II) on Luminescence for Tin(II) Phosphite Grown from a Deep-Eutectic Solvent, Inorganic Chemistry, 51 (2012) 1986-1988.

D4.   LH Huang, YC Lai, HC Lai, YW Chiang, J-H Huang and SL Wang* The First Organic-Templated Vanadyl(IV) Gallophosphates with Ambient 51V Hyperfine Structure, {V2Ga2O14} Cluster or Heterometal 12-Ring Channels, Inorganic Chemistry, 48 (2009) 11882-11888.


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